HSS Styrelse

The Board, headed by the Commodore of the Club, consists of nine members, elected annually at a general meeting in November. Helsingfors Segelsällskap r.f. is a registered assiociation, and thus the members of the Board ultimately bear the responsibility of the activities and finacials of the club, in accordance with Finnish law governing registered associations and the rules of the club. The acting board, the finacial result of the fiscal year and the previous annual action plan are subject to approval by the annual general meeing in March. The Board meets ten to eleven times a year and delegates its authority to the various committees.

Tapio Lehtinen
Mob.: +358400495678
Salla Itäaho
Vice Kommodor, kappsegling
Mob.: +358504279229
Kim Lindroos
Mob.: +358414615359
Ismo Hentula
Lag och kontraktärenden, sekreterare
Mob.: +358408338002
Mika Vainio-Mattila
Mob.: +358407520617
Mika Seppälä
Audi HSS Sailing Center
Mob.: 0400-517262